HOMEMunicipal International Exchange Associations

Information on International Exchanges in Fukuoka Prefecture

Municipal International Exchange Associations

Municipal International Exchange Associations (Source: the current state of Fukuoka Prefecture's internationalization as of August 2011)

List of Municipal International Exchange Associations [PDF]

Kitakyushu City
Organization Name Kitakyushu International Association
Title/Name of Representative Hisao Takagi
Date of Establishment August 1, 1990
Postal Code/Address 〒805-0062 1-1-1 Hirano, Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu City
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:093-662-0055 / FAX:093-662-6622 /
Main Activities Providing support to foreign residents and foreign students, promoting and supporting grass-roots level international exchange, carrying out liaison and coordination, and promoting activities with international exchange organizations
Fukuoka City
Organization Name Fukuoka International Association
Title/Name of Representative Chairman Ryoji Tsukuda
Date of Establishment March 20, 1987
Postal Code/Address 〒810-0001 1-10-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:092-733-5630 / FAX:092-733-5635 /
Main Activities Providing counseling and information for foreign residents, international understanding and cooperation projects, foreign student support projects, civic exchange projects
Kurume City
Organization Name Kurume Convention
Title/Name of Representative Chairman Toshinori Narahara
Date of Establishment June 12, 1992
Postal Code/Address 〒830-0022 16-1 Jonan-machi, Kurume City
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:0942-31-1717 / FAX:0942-31-3210 /
Main Activities Convention projects, tourism service, international exchange project
Iizuka City
Organization Name Iizuka International Exchange Promotion Council
Title/Name of Representative Chairman Osamu Nawata
Date of Establishment January 28, 2006
Postal Code/Address 〒820-8501 Head office (General Policy Section in Iizuka City Office), 5-5 Shintateiwa, Iizuka City
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:0948-22-5500 / FAX:0945-22-5754 /
Main Activities International exchange events (world festa, speech contest), foreign student support, language lesson by foreign students, home visit program
Yame City
Organization Name Yame International Exchange Association
Title/Name of Representative President Shigeteka Iwabe
Date of Establishment 1978
Postal Code/Address 〒834-0045 105-1 Taira, Yame City
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:0943-24-1250 /
Main Activities Dispatching and accepting exchange students, exchange project with foreign residents, foreign students and ALTs
Buzen City
Organization Name Buzen International Exchange Society
Title/Name of Representative Kazuhiko Takase
Date of Establishment 1991
Postal Code/Address 〒828-8501 955 Oaza-Yoshiki, Buzen City
TEL TEL:0979-82-1111
Main Activities Exchange with foreigners in Buzen city
Ogori City
Organization Name Ogori International Association
Title/Name of Representative Ogori International Association
Date of Establishment October 28, 2001
Postal Code/Address 〒838-0198 255-1 Ogori, Ogori City
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:0942-72-2111(ext.222) / FAX:0942-73-4466 /
Main Activities International understanding courses, friendship exchange meetings, dispatching instructors, joining community events, Japanese language classes
Kasuga City
Organization Name Kasuga International Exchange Association
Title/Name of Representative President Kazuma Shirouzu
Date of Establishment April 1, 1998
Postal Code/Address 〒816-8501 Community Development Section in Kasuga City Office, 3-1-5 Hara-machi, Kasuga City
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:092-584-1117 / FAX:092-584-1153 /
URL (blog)
Main Activities Japanese language class "Kotoba no Hiroba - Kasuga", Tsunago Net Festa (international exchange promotion project), publishing association news (irregular)
Onojo City
Organization Name Onojo International Exchange Association
Title/Name of Representative President Kenji Kuwano
Date of Establishment August 22, 1999
Postal Code/Address 〒816-8510 Onojo City Board of Education, Cultural Learning Section, 2-2-1 Akebono-machi, Onojo City
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:092-580-1812 / FAX:092-501-2270 /
Main Activities <Voluntary Project> International Exchange Party, exchanging with other associations, association newsletter
<Subsidiary Project> Kokusai Jyuku, Kokusai Koryu Festival, Kotobano Koryu Hiroba (Japanese language class), TOMORROW (Youth Development)
Munakata City
Organization Name Munakata Region International Exchange Association
Title/Name of Representative President Juunji Momozaki
Date of Establishment February 24, 1991
Postal Code/Address 〒811-3437 c/o Munakata Civic Exchange Center, 180 Kubara, Munakata City
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:0940-36-0311 / FAX:0940-37-4101 /
Main Activities Holding the international exchange event "Sekai no Aji Yokocho", information exchange and cooperation between international exchange groups
Dazaifu City
Organization Name Dazaifu City International Exchange Association
Title/Name of Representative Chairman Yasuhiro Inoue
Date of Establishment October 1, 1992
Postal Code/Address 〒818-0198 1-1-1 Kanzeonji, Dazaifu City
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:092-918-5391 / FAX:092-918-5391 /
URL (in Official Dazaifu City Home Page)
Main Activities Japanese language class for foreigners, exchange project with international university students, joining Dazaifu Shiminseicho Festival, Friends' Bell Club meeting, language lessons
Itoshima City
Organization Name Itoshima City International Exchange Association
Title/Name of Representative Chairman Kousaku Nishihara
Date of Establishment April 18, 1997
Postal Code/Address 〒819-1116 3-4-3 Maebaruchuo, Itoshima City
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL / FAX:092-332-9166 /
Main Activities Exchanging with Qingpu-qu (China) and Itoshima City's friendship organization, Gimhae Culture Center (Gimhae, Korea), exchange with student circles from Kyushu University, international exchange salon, home visit program, world cooking class, World Terakoya Movement, publishing association news (three times a year)
Nakagawa Town
Organization Name Nakagawa-machi International Cultural Exchanges Circle
Title/Name of Representative President Hideki Goto
Date of Establishment July 1, 1990
Postal Code/Address 〒811-1241 c/o Nakagawa-machi Board of Education, Social Education Section, 1-5-1 Ushirono, Nakagawa Town
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:092-952-2092 /FAX:092-952-2093/
Main Activities Kyushu University Foreign Students Association sponsors meeting, exchange meeting with Imsil-gun (Korea), Japan-Korea arts and cultural exchange, Korean language class, Chinese language class, camp exchange, exchange meeting with language classes, Christmas exchange, farewell party for foreign students
Ashiya Town
Organization Name Ashiya International Exchange Association
Title/Name of Representative Misako Tanaka
Date of Establishment May 10, 1991
Postal Code/Address 〒807-0198 c/o Ashiya Town Office, 2-20 Saiwai-machi, Ashiya Town
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:093-223-0881(Main Phone) / FAX:093-223-3927/
Main Activities International exchange party, homestay project
Mizumaki Town
Organization Name Mizumaki-machi International Exchange Association
Title/Name of Representative President Takashi Kimura
Date of Establishment April 1, 2004
Postal Code/Address 〒807-0022 c/o Central Community Center, 1-1-2 Korosuekita, Mizumaki Town, Onga-gun
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:093-201-4321 / FAX:093-201-4424 /
Main Activities Language class, exchange with foreigners, exchange with foreign countries, developing an international sensibility in children
Okagaki Town
Organization Name Okagaki International Association
Title/Name of Representative President Hisae Hirakawa
Date of Establishment March 11, 2000
Postal Code/Address 〒811-4236 2-1 Ebitsuekimae, Okagaki Town, Onga-gun
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:093-282-0549 / FAX:093-282-0559 /
Main Activities Language lesson, international exchange festival, world restaurant
Oki Town
Organization Name Hishinomi Foundation International Cultural Exchange Center
Title/Name of Representative Chairman Junichi Ishikawa
Date of Establishment June 11, 1990
Postal Code/Address 〒830-0416 255-1 Oaza-Hacchomuta, Oki Town, Mizuma-gun
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL/FAX:0944-32-2988 /
Main Activities Overseas assignments, international exchange promotion project, public relations and enlightenment project
Itoda Town
Organization Name Itoda International Exchange Association
Title/Name of Representative President Nagamasa Toyofuku
Date of Establishment August 1, 1972
Postal Code/Address 〒822-1392 2023-1 Itoda Town, Tagawa-gun
TEL/FAX TEL:0947-26-0038 / FAX:0947-26-2526
Main Activities Accepting child ambassadors from overseas
Fukuchi Town
Organization Name Fukuchi Town Exchange Program Committee
Title/Name of Representative Chairman Shinichi Nagasue
Date of Establishment April 1, 2007
Postal Code/Address 〒822-1101 970-3 Akaike, Fukuchi Town, Tagawa-gun
TEL/FAX TEL:0947-28-2046 / FAX:0947-28-4565
Main Activities Japan-South Korea exchange project
Miyako Town
Organization Name Miyako International Exchange Association
Title/Name of Representative President Toru Baba
Date of Establishment December 1, 2010
Postal Code/Address 〒824-0892 c/o General Policy Section, Policy Coordination Group, 960 Katsuyamaueda, Miyako Town, Miyako-gun
Phone/Fax/E-mail TEL:0930-32-2511 (Miyako Town Office) / FAX:0930-32-4563 /
Main Activities Exchange with foreigners