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Kokusaihiroba usage(July&August)


Kokusai Hiroba’s Open Space will be closed on the following days due to events. 

Consultation services will be held as scheduled.

2 July.(Thu) 17:00-19:00   【Fukuoka EU Association Lecture】(18:30-19:30)

18 July.(Sat) 12:00-19:00  【Japanese Cultural Seminar】(15: 00-17:00) ★

19 July.(Sun) 12:30-17:00  【Citizens Net for UN Habitat Fukuoka】(14:00-16:30) ★

23 July.(Thu) 13:00-19:00  【2015 Fukuoka Sato-oya Scholarship for International Students from Asian Nations

                                       Award Ceremony】(17:00-18:00) ★

25 July.(Sat) 12:00-17:00  【Sekai e GO!~Multicultural experience for kids】(14:00-16:00)

26 July.(Sun) 11:30-16:30  【Around the World with Kokusai Hiroba Café –Spain/Thailand】(14:00-16:00)

1 Aug.(Sat) 13:00-16:00     【Habitat Hiroba】(14:00-15:00) ★

4 Aug.(Tue) 13:00-18:00     【The International Understanding Education Model Lesson Presentational Event】

                                       (15:00-17:00) ★

22 Aug.(Sat) 10:00-18:00     【Career Guidance for Foreigners 】(10:00-13:00)

                                       【Academic Guidance for Foreign Parents and Children】(13:00-17:00)

30 Aug.(Sun) 13:00-17:00    【Overseas Youth Exchange Program (Bangkok) Participants’ Report】(15:00-16:30) ★ 

★Japanese classes will be held in the Exchange Room instead.

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