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Exchanges with Friendship Cities

FIEF handles Fukuoka Prefecture's friendship city exchange programs.

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Hawaii (USA)

Hawaii is the 50th state of the USA located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The state consists of eight major islands including Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Lanai and Molokai as well as over 100 smaller islands.

  • Relationship established: September 25, 1981
  • State Capital: Honolulu
  • Area 16,635Km²
  • Population: 1.24 million
  • Major Industries: Tourism, Construction etc.
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Jiangsu Province (People’s Republic of China)

Jiangsu Province is located on the east coast of the Chinese mainland and along the Yangtze River.

  • Relationship established: November 4, 1992
  • Province capital: Nanjing
  • Area: 102,600Km²
  • Population: 77.24 million
  • Major Industries: Electronics, machinery, textiles, petro-chemicals, agriculture etc.
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Bangkok (Kingdom of Thailand)

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, center of Thai politics, economy, education and culture. In recent years it has developed into an advanced international city and has become known as the hub of South East Asia.

  • Relationship established: February 8, 2006
  • Area: 1,568.7Km²
  • Population: 5.71 million
  • Major Industries: Agriculture, tourism, metal industries, manufacturing etc.
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National Capital Territory of Delhi (Republic of India)

Capital of India. Center of India's commerce, industry and politics. Has become India's largest industrial metropolitan area in recent years.

  • Relationship established: March 5, 2007
  • Area: 1,482Km²
  • Population: 16.75 million
  • Major Industries: Commerce, manufacturing (Electronic appliances, auto parts, motor vehicles, textiles etc.)
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Hanoi (Socialist Republic of Vietnam)

Capital of Vietnam. Second to Ho Chi Minh City in economic scale and the center of Vietnamese politics, culture, science and technology. Hanoi's geographical location is extremely advantageous and is the commercial center for both domestic and international trade in Vietnam.

  • Relationship established: February 22, 2008
  • Area: 3,324Km²
  • Population: 6.45 million
  • Major Industries: Agriculture, forestry, fisheries, mining, and light industry.
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Korean Southern Coastline 1 City 3 Provinces - Busan Metropolitan City, Jeolla Nam-do Province, Gyeongsangnam-do Province, Jeju Special Autonomous Province- (South Korea)

Since 1992 the 3 Northern Kyushu Prefectures of Fukuoka, Saga and Nagasaki and the 1 City and 3 Provinces of Korea's southern coastline hold the annual Japan-Korea Strait Coastal Region Governors Summit and organize various exchange projects. Yamaguchi Prefecture has participated since 1999.

  • Relationship established: August 25, 1992

Busan Metropolitan City
Located in the south east of the Korean Peninsula and is Korea's largest port city.

  • Area: 765Km²
  • Population: 3.6 million
  • Major Industries: Commerce, service industry, and manufacturing

Jeolla Nam-do Province
Jeolla Nam-do is located on the south west tip of the Korean Peninsula. With the long ria coastline and about two thousand islands, the province is rich in tourist sites and fishery resources.

  • Area: 12,232Km²
  • Population: 1.93 million
  • Major Industries: Fisheries, iron and steel, and petro-chemicals

Gyeongsangnam-do Province
Gyeongsangnam-do Province is located on the south east tip of the Korean Peninsula, and has many famous places from the olden days when the Gaya and Silla cultures were at their peak.

  • Area: 10,531Km²
  • Population: 3.3 million
  • Major Industries: Shipbuilding, machinery, and aeronautical industry.

Jeju Special Autonomous Province
Located in the southernmost part of the Korean Peninsula, this island has become a famous international tourist destination for its natural environment in harmony with its unique traditional culture.

  • Area: 1,849Km²
  • Population: 570,000
  • Major Industries: Tourism, citrus fruit, livestock, and fisheries