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Information for foreigners

Living/medical information

Multilingual Living Information

Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) website. Necessary information for foreigners living in Japan, offered in various languages.

Multilingual Living Information

Past (2011-2015) Love FM multilingual broadcasts are available for listening.

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Medical Information

Fukuoka Medical Center website. Search for medical institutions offering foreign language support.

Medical Information

The Fukuoka Asian Medical Support Center provides medical institutions with interpretation services,
in person or over the phone, in order to help foreign patients feel at ease when receiving treatment.
The center also provides foreigners with over-the-phone information about the Japanese medical system
and medical institutions which cater for foreign languages or provide medical interpreters.
※Fukuoka Asian Medical Support Center is a joint project by Fukuoka Prefecture and Fukuoka City.

visit the website

Disaster Prevention/Safety Information

Fukuoka Prefecture has produced the “Disaster Prevention Handbook for Foreigners – Let’s be prepared!”






Disaster Prevention Mail (Mamoru-kun)

Disaster Prevention Mail Mamoru-kun is an email service operated by Fukuoka Prefecture. Users can immediately obtain weather information at the time of an earthquake, tsunami, typhoon or heavy rain. The service can also send messages to your friends and family in the event of a disaster.
Register using the link below.

Child Accident Prevention Handbook

 This handbook summarizes countermeasures and coping methods against accidents that tend to happen to preschool children between the ages of 0 to 6 years old.
 Accidents are preventable when adults take countermeasures and pay more attention to the surroundings around a child. We hope that this handbook will help everyone acquire the correct knowledge in accident prevention for safe parenting and an enjoyable day-to-day life. (Posting from the Consumer Affairs Agency homepage:



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