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Project for the Promotion of International Understanding Education

Project for the Promotion of International Understanding Education

International Understanding Education ~ bringing international exchange right to your door ~

illust There are people from many different cultures and ethnic groups from throughout the world living in Fukuoka. Furthermore, the world is currently facing numerous serious problems such as environmental issues, poverty, war, and these are closely related to our society and lifestyles. Through the Project for the Promotion of International Understanding Education, FIEF organizes talks at schools and community centers by foreigners and Japanese who have had experience overseas in an attempt to promote a more global perspective.

Class at Himeshima Elementary School/Shima JHS Himeshima Branch
Sponsor Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation
Co-sponsors Fukuoka Prefecture Children’s Development Fund/Fukuoka Prefectural Fund for Education, Culture & Scholarship/Kitakyushu International Association/Fukuoka International Association
Supported by Fukuoka Prefecture Board of Education/Kitakyushu City Board of Education/Fukuoka City Board of Education

Interviews with participating Guest Teachers

Teacher Nigemoto (Inner Mongolia, China)
School Fukutsu City Kamisaigo Elementary School
Aim To make Mongolian Yurt and introduce Mongolian culture
Impressions We build and live in a Mongolian Yurt with family, but some children asked “What if you live alone?” It was very interesting.
Teacher Kim Minkyong (Daegu Korea)
School Fukuoka Prefectural Kaho Special Support School
Aim Increase interest in Japanese, Korean and other cultures..
Impressions I was impressed by how the teachers carefully try to nurture the individuality of each student at the special support school.
Teacher Kamil Spychalski (Australia)
School Itoshima City Himeshima Elementary School/, Shima JHS Himeshima Branch
Aim Bring students closer to countries outside of Japan by learning about foreign culture, lifestyle and education.
Impressions Meeting Japanese children was an enriching experience - not only did I introduce my home country, but I learned more about Japan as well!!

We are looking for teachers who can visit schools and give a class about their home country. Please inquire for further details at the office below.

Teacher Registration Form (Foreigners)[WORD]

Teacher Registration Form (Japanese)[PDF]

Scene from a class

School Teacher Eliza Han (New Zealand)
School Fukuoka Municipal Noko Elementary
Class theme Spread your dreams throughout the world
Eliza was born in Taiwan and migrated to the multi-cultural country of New Zealand. She introduced her experiences prior to working in Japan in a fun way. On hearing her experiences the students were very surprised!
Students drew self-portraits of themselves in 10 years.
Messages from students
I want to learn many languages and visit many countries, especially New Zealand.
People from northern and southern hemispheres view maps differently. Even though we live on the same globe each country is different.
I was fascinated how we can play together even though I don’t know the language. Communicating your feelings is what counts.
Message from teacher

It was a small class so the students’ relationships are very set and they tend to follow the path of those around them. Through this program, the guest teacher talked about their dreams and showed the kids living on this small island that the world is really a big place. It sure was a great learning experience for both the kids and myself.


Address Fukuoka International Understanding Education Promotion Program Office
Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation, Regional International Section
ACROS Fukuoka 3F, 1-1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City 810-0001
TEL 092-725-9200
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