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 Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation brings you "Info from Fukuoka Prefecture" weekdays from 1:25PM on LOVE FM. The program is broadcast in English on Mondays, Chinese on Tuesdays, Korean on Wednesdays, Tagalog on Thursdays and Japanese on Fridays.
 Alongside information aimed at improving the lives of foreigners in Fukuoka Prefecture, the program also informs about Japanese classes, free consultation and events being held at Kokusai Hiroba, where citizens and foreign residents can mix and exchange information. Please tune in !


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2016/03/28 The Fukuoka Asian Medical Support Center 2016/03/21 The “My Number” Social Security and Tax Number System 2016/03/14 Free Counseling Services for Foreigners 2016/03/07 Disaster Prevention Info Mail-Mamoru-Kun in English and Japanese
2016/02/29 A Trip Around the World at Kokusai Hiroba Café -Vol. 32 Egypt & Australia/Disaster Support for Foreigners Seminar 2016/02/22 Fukuoka International School 2016/02/15 The Fukuoka Asian Medical Support Center 2016/02/08 The Nationwide Gibier Festival / The Fukuoka Gibier Fair 2016/02/01 Recruitment for Int\'l Understanding Education Lecturers
2016/01/25 Fukuhoku Limousine Bus 2016/01/18 The Fukuoka Asian Medical Support Center’s Medical Interpretation Service 2016/01/11 The “My Number” Social Security and Tax Number System 2016/01/04 Japanese Language Classes for Foreigners