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Application for Exchange Room Reservation

Membership Number

 Please fill in your membership card number.

Group or Individual Name

 For groups, please fill in group name and name of person in charge.
 For individuals, please list the person in charge first, followed by the names of other members and their membership numbers.


 For the purpose of prompt contact, please fill in your mobile phone number or email address, if possible.

RequestedTime and date

  • Exchange Room can only be used on days that Kokusai Hiroba is open, at times when no other activities are scheduled.
  • As a rule, the room can only be used by a person/group no more than twice a month.
  • As a rule, a single reservation can be no longer than 3 hours. This includes preparation and tidying up.

Event Details

Please be as specific as possible about details.

Bringing refreshments

 As a rule, eating and drinking in the room is prohibited. However, if refreshments are a necessary part of the event it may be permitted. If you wish to serve refreshments, please specify the necessary reason.
*Please remove all rubbish after use.


Reservation applications will be accepted from three months prior to the desired date. (If Kokusai Hiroba is closed on that day then from the following day it is open.)
 Reservation applications close one week prior to the desired date. (If Kokusai Hiroba is closed on that day then the following day it is open.)

Exchange Room reservation application forms can be downloaded below. (In Japanese only)

Exchange Room Reservation Application Form[PDF]

Regarding the Use of the Exchange Room[PDF]