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Information on International Exchanges in Fukuoka Prefecture

UN-HABITAT (Source: the current state of Fukuoka Prefecture's internationalization as of August 2011)

UN-HABITAT Fukuoka Office (Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific)

Name UN-HABITAT Fukuoka Office
(United Nations Human Settlements Programme Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific) 
Representative Yoshinobu Fukasawa, Regional Director
Address ACROS Fukuoka 8F 1-1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0001
TEL 092-724-7121
FAX 092-724-7124
URL http://www.fukuoka.unhabitat.org
E-Mail habitat.fukuoka@unhabitat.org
Activities UN-HABITAT’s programs are designed to address human settlement issues, including the spread of slums, collapse of rural communities, lack of space and dwellings, inadequate provision of electricity, water and sanitation, diseases created by unhygienic conditions, and inequity in land ownership due to a lack of proper political/legal regulations, which result from rapid urbanization, conflicts and disasters. Specifically, programs designed to support and provide guidance to residents, municipalities, or government about: 1) improvement of housing, environment, urban life infrastructures such as roads, water supplies, sewage and waste processing systems, construction/rehabilitation of schools and hospitals, promotion of disaster prevention, community rulemaking, and job training programs; 2) examination, discussion, and dissemination of information on the current state of human settlements in each country and region; and 3) sharing and transmitting information through promotion of the“Knowledge Management Center for Asia and Pacific (K-CAP)”, and making policy proposals.
Coverage 28 countries, extending from Iran to Pacific regions
Organization Headquarters: Nairobi Regional Offices: Fukuoka and Rio de Janeiro
Number of Projects 100 projects in 15 countries and regions (as of December 2010)

Office location