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HOME Fukuoka Prefecture Disaster Multilingual Support Center

Fukuoka Prefecture Disaster Multilingual Support Center

1 What is Fukuoka Prefecture Disaster Multilingual Support Center?

 When the Fukuoka Disaster Countermeasure Headquarters was set up, it was set up within the Fukuoka International Exchange in collaboration with the Fukuoka Prefectural Government. The HQ provides multilingual information, translation services and dispatched interpretation services in response to the requests of disaster-affected cities.
 Supported languages (in principle): English, Mandarin, Korean, and simple Japanese.

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Fukuoka Prefecture

・Disaster Prevention Info-mail・Mamoru-kun 
 Japanese https://www.bousai.pref.fukuoka.jp/mamorukun/
 Simple Japanese http://www.bousaimobile.pref.fukuoka.lg.jp/eja/
 English http://www.bousaimobile.pref.fukuoka.lg.jp/en/
 Mandarin http://www.bousaimobile.pref.fukuoka.lg.jp/ch/
 Korean http://www.bousaimobile.pref.fukuoka.lg.jp/hng/

・Disaster Prevention Handbook for Foreigners
  (Simple Japanese, English, Mandarin, Korean, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Nepali)