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Using Kokusai Hiroba

Q.I am interested in foreign culture. Do you have any interesting information?

A.Kokusai Hiroba has numerous foreign magazines and newspapers as well as circulars and pamphlets from international exchange groups available for reading. There is also space that can be used freely for international exchange. In order to promote international exchange and understanding amongst Fukuoka citizens, we also hold events that allow participants to experience various parts of the world each month. For details, please see the Event Calendar.

Q.Do you have any information on international exchange and cooperation?

A.Kokusai Hiroba has numerous circulars and pamphlets from international exchange groups available for reading. Fukuoka also has many civic groups involved in international exchange and cooperation.

Q.Can I place event leaflets at Kokusai Hiroba?

A.Kokusai Hiroba is a public facility operated by the Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation (FIEF), which is affiliated with Fukuoka Prefecture. For this reason, the information corner provides information for the purpose of international exchange and support for foreigners. As a rule, we can not provide items relating to commercial, political or religious activities. Those wishing to have their materials displayed may contact Kokusai Hiroba.

Q.Can I use the computers at Kokusai Hiroba?

A.One of the benefits of becoming a supporting member is being able to use the internet for the purpose of international exchange.
For details, please read about Supporting Membership.

Q.Can I use the Exchange Room at the Kokusai Hiroba?

A.FIEF Supporting Members can use the Exchange Room for meetings etc. for the purpose of international exchange. Supporting groups or 5 or more individual members can use the room. For details, please see Supporting Membership and Exchange Room Use.

Q.Can I borrow flags from Kokusai Hiroba?

A.FIEF lends out national flags to schools, NPOs and international exchange organizations in Fukuoka Prefecture
For details, please see Flag Borrowing.

Q.Which flags can I borrow?

A.Please view the list of flags available .

For details, please see the List of Available Flags.

Q.Please teach me the correct way to raise a flag.

A.Please see Flag Raising Etiquette.

For details, click HERE for Flag Display Etiquette.

Q.Tell me about the Fukuoka EU Association.

A.The Fukuoka EU Association is a friendship group that promotes friendship and mutual understanding between Fukuoka Prefecture and the EU. The office is managed jointly by FIEF and Kyushu Electric Power Company Regional Symbiosis Group. There is a reception desk at Kokusai Hiroba (3F ACROS Fukuoka) which handles membership applications. Please view the Fukuoka EU Association website for details on their activities.