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HOMESupporting Membership


Supporting Membership

Q.What is a Supporting Member?

A.A Supporting Member is a person or group who supports the founding objectives of FIEF. Annual membership fees are: Students \1,000, General \2,000, and Corporate \10,000 per membership.

【 Founding Objectives 】

FIEF aims to strengthen Fukuoka Prefecture’s functions as a hub for international exchange by utilizing the region’s geographical proximity and unique historical background and by promoting resident-driven international exchange in cooperation with other locally based international exchange organizations. The other objective of FIEF is to contribute to world peace and mutual prosperity by sharing culture and increasing communications between Fukuoka, countries of Asia and the world.

Q.I want to become a Supporting Member.

A.Annual membership fees are: Students \1,000, General \2,000, and Corporate \10,000 per membership. Membership applications can be made at Kokusai Hiroba (3F ACROS Fukuoka) anytime. You can also download the application form and bank transfer form from the website. On filling in the necessary details please transfer the membership fee. A membership card will be posted on confirmation of the bank transfer. For details, please see Supporting Membership.

Q.What are the benefits for members?

A.There are a number of benefits offered to Supporting Members:

  • Receiving the Kokusai Hiroba newsletter.
  • Free admission to the Kokusai Hiroba Cafe event
  • Use of the Kokusai Hiroba Internet PC terminals
    (For the purpose of gathering information for international exchange)
  • Use of the Exchange Room
    (Limited to meetings etc. for the purpose of international exchange)
  • Discounts at Participating Stores

For details, please see Supporting Membership