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Information about the new Corona Virus


Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation (FIEF) has translated the following

documents related to the new Corona Virus which is

reported to be spreading widely in the Wuhan region in China.


Question and Answers about the new Corona Virus (published by Ministry of Health,
Labour and Welfare)



◆Please contact these associations if you have questions about the new Corona virus

*If you think you may have contracted the virus => [List of health centers in Fukuoka city]



*For general enquries=> [Consultation center for the new Corona virus]
Fukuoka prefecture office Cancer and other disease management department
Tel: 092-643-3288 (Weekdays: 8:30am to 5pm)
This service is only available in Japanese. For any other languages please contact

the Fukuoka Multilingual Assistance and Information Center at 0120-279-906 (Calls are free)