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Information about the new Corona Virus 2


April 2, 2020


For the prevention of spreading of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the Governor of Fukuoka is asking for prefectural residents to stay at home during the weekend and the following below.


[Current situation in Fukuoka Prefecture]


Total number of infected cases


New number of infections on April 1st

32 (new single day high of infections)

Don’t now how they got infected


            ↓   ↓   ↓

  • The infection numbers may rise in the future
  • It is a crucial period to prevent the infections and spreading the infections
  • Your actions my affect the situation for next week or 2 weeks from now.


[Details of request]

◆ We ask for people to stay in your house and avoid from all but essential travel from this weekend to the weekend of the 19th.

◆ Please avoid poorly ventilated spaces, crowded spaces, and close contact with people, please avoid places that overlap with these 3 conditions.

◆ Please wash your hands and practice coughing etiquette

◆ If you suspect you have the novel corona virus (COVID-19), please call a medical institution (please reference the contact list of medical institutions)

◆ When consulting with a hospital, please call the hospital first about consultation beforehand, and not go directly to the hospital first.

◆ Try to avoid, places like Tokyo or Osaka where the infection is spreading.

◆ For international travel, please refer from the ministry of foreign affairs of Japan for information.