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Regarding to the emergency measures to the spreading of the novel coronaviruses (COVID-19) infections. (Provisional translation)


Regarding to the emergency measures to the spreading of the novel coronaviruses (COVID-19) infections. (Provisional translation)

〇 The prefectural government is taking the highest priority to protect the lives and health of prefectural resident’s and because of the infections and for the prevention of infections, we have requested to residents to refrain from all but essential travel on the weekends, however there has been a rapid increase of infected cases in the prefecture and there are reports of mass infections in hospitals and such.

Because of this situation, as of April 7th, Fukuoka prefecture has been subjected to the nation’s state of emergency declaration.

〇 Being subjected to the state of emergency declaration, until May 6th, the prefectural government will be implementing emergency measures.We request the prefectural residents to do the following below. 

(1) Aside essential outing, please refrain from nonessential outings,
*what defines essential outings, things such as going to the hospital, buying food, medical, daily necessities, attendance at work, exercise and walking outside.

(2) To avoid, poorly ventilated spaces, crowded spaces where people gather, and close contact of conversations are 3 conditions that reduces the risks of mass infection. Please avoid places that overlap these conditions.

(3) Please wash your hands and practice coughing etiquette

(4) If you think you are infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), please call and consult with your local public health office “Returnees and potential contacts call center”.

(5) If you have symptoms like fever, cough, and or cold, and going to visit a general practitioner, please call and consult with them before visiting them.

(6) To avoid nonessential traveling, to not have people move across prefectures as much as possible to prevent spread. However, this differs from a lockdown.

(7)  Do not buy up food, medical supplies, and daily necessities. Supermarkets and stores selling food, medicine and necessary daily goods will also stay open.

(8) For attendance at work, though it does not apply to the request, in exchange we request to reduce contact with by people working from home (telework), having staggered work hour, and  to commute by bicycle 

(9)  For international travel, please follow the guideline issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA)

(10) Refrain from attending events that can be associated to spreading the infection

〇 To prevent the infection from spreading and from getting infected, it is a crucial period and we are at a crossroad. Every prefectural resident’s actions to protect themselves and to protect the people around you, can not only affect this prefecture’s situation but can also affect the country’s situation too.

We ask for all prefectural resident’s understanding and cooperation.