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Kokusai Hiroba will re-open on May 25th (MON) .


To All Visitors


  Kokusai Hiroba will re-open on May 25th (MON) with the state of emergency being lifted on May 14th.
Following the guideline from the “new lifestyle” and from the prefectural government to we will implemt the following measures below when re-opening the Kokusai Hiroba. As it is a measure to protect everyone, families, and society, we ask for your understanding and cooperation.  

 Please be aware that we may close the Kokusai Hiroba again if there are changes in countermeasures against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) from the country or from the Fukuoka prefectural Government or an infection occurs in the International Exchange Center during the opening.


~Prevention measures for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)~

1 Request to Visitors

○ Please refrain from visiting if you have a fever, a cough, or a sore throat.
○ Please wear a mask in Kokusai Hiroba. If you do not cooperate, we will refuse your admission.
○ Alcohol-based hand sanitization and temperature check will be performed when entering the Kokusai Hiroba. If you have symptoms such as a fever, you will not be permitted admission.
○ Seats will be designated and we will have you fill out a contact form in case an infected person has been here.
○ The maximum number of times to visit the Kokusai Hiroba and stay time is 1 visit and 1 hour per day, as it prevents the spread of infection risk due to staying for a long period of time and reduction of the number of seats to social distance. Due to the reduced number of seats, we may refuse entry when the seats are full.
○ Discontinuation of newspapers and magazines in order to prevent the spread of infection due to the items being touched by multiple people.
○ Please do not return distributed items such as leaflets after touching one.
○ Please do not change the layout.


 2 Measures for accepting visitors


In preparation for your use, we will implement the following measures to prevent infection and to avoid the three Cs.
[Infection prevention measures]
○ Disinfect places where multiple people touch and shared items (tables, chairs, etc.)
to hold.
[Measures to prevent airtightness]
○ Open the window on the balcony side to constantly ventilate the room.
[Measures to avoid crowding]
○ Separable tables will be divided into one table and one chair per table.
○ The long tables that cannot be separated will be reduced from 6 seats to 2 seats.
[Avoiding close contact measures]
○ All separated tables will be faceing in the same direction.
○ A partition will be placed to separate table area and long table area.
○ The long table area will have a transparent sheet to prevent splash infection at the table.