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Information on Typhoon No.9


Information on Typhoon No.9


To prefectural residents:


Typhoon No.9 is expected to come close to Fukuoka Prefecture at night on Wednesday the 2nd. The Fukuoka Regional Meteorological Observatory calls to beware for heavy rain, high wind, and hightide.

Municipalities, fire departments, and other related organizations are on high alert in preparation to respond to Typhoon disasters within the prefecture.

We urge prefectural residents to pay close attention to the following points.


1 Avoid unnecessary outdoor activities

Please minimize your outdoor activities when rain and wind reaches hazardous levels.

Please stay away from dangerous areas particularly beside the ocean and rivers.


2 Early evacuation

This typhoon may approach at night. Please keep in mind early evacuation to a safe location as quickly as possible before it gets dark.


3 Avoid outdoor work-related activities

In the past there have been case of roof has collapsed due to strong wind while they were working on roof reinforcement.

Please try to avoid outdoor work activities during strong wind.


4 Gathering Information

Please pay close attention to disaster information from TV and/or radio weather report, as well as emergency evacuation advice/evacuation instruction posted by municipalities.


5 Beware for high tide

The sea level is high during this season, please be on high alert for high tide for areas along the coast.


6 Preparation beforehand

Please check your front yard and balcony before the strong winds come, move easily scattering items indoor or stabilize them.

Please stay away from glass windows if there are strong winds.


Please also take the appropriate COVID-19 preventative measures when evacuating.

1. Guarantee safe evacuation at home or dispersed evacuation at your relatives or friends' houses.

2. Stockpile and bring masks, disinfectant and other preventions items to evacuation site.

3. Be sure to take your temperature and disinfect/wash your hands at the evacuation site.