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Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation (hereinafter FIEF) will protect all personal information it holds in an appropriate manner, and in its efforts to gain the trust of the wider community will adhere to the policy of protection of personal information stated hence.

Furthermore, the basic policy on the protection of personal information has been posted on the FIEF website (http://www.kokusaihiroba.or.jp) and can be freely viewed anytime.

Privacy Policy

FIEFs will abide by laws and regulations as well as FIEF policy in relation to personal information, and will ensure that all staff who are assigned to handling personal information are thoroughly familiar with these regulations and policies.

1.Regarding the collection, use, provision of and handling of personal information.

ⅰ)FIEF will obtain personal information in a fair and legal manner.

ⅱ)The use of personal information will be limited to activities within the scope of the stated objectives, and only when deemed nesecessary.

ⅲ) Personal information will not be provided to a third party except in the following cases:
(1) When prior consent has been obtained
(2) When complying with legal regulations.

ⅳ) When personal information is being handled by a third party, the management systems of the third party shall be supervised ensuring that the handling of the information is done in an appropriate manner, reflecting management systems implemented by the third party.

2.Security control measures

FIEF shall take necessary and proper measures for the prevention of leakage, loss, or damage of personal data.

3.Improvement measures

Efforts shall be made to meet the changing needs of society in relation to the handling of personal information. When necessity demands, an effort will be made to change, amend and add to policy and regulations etc.

4.Disclosure, amendment etc.

When FIEF is requested by a person to disclose, amend (add or delete) or cease use (including deletion and cessation of provision) of personal information, FIEF will do so within a reasonable scope and timeframe.

5.Handling complaints

FIEF shall endeavor to process complaints regarding the handling of personal information in a prompt and appropriate manner.

Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation

International Section Desk 092-725-9204 Consultation Desk 092-725-9111

July 6, 2005

About SSL (Secure Socket Layer)

What is SSL?

SSL is a method of encoding data that is transferred on the Internet. Normally, data sent over the Internet is not encoded, leading to the possibility of the data being intercepted or leaked to a third party. Additionally, there is a possibility that data can be stolen by a person posing as somebody else. SSL can protect this leakage of information.

By accessing the home page with an SSL capable browser such as IE (Internet Explorer) or Netscape, the transmitting party must be authenticated on the personal information data input page, and the data will be automatically encoded. On most browsers this will be indicated by a padlock icon. For example, on Internet Explorer this icon will be displayed on the bottom right corner or to the right of the URL. On clicking this padlock icon the SSL server authentication certificate can be confirmed.

Measures taken by the Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation

The Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation conducts SSL encoded transmissions for enquiries. Users can safely transmit encoded data for personal information including name, address, telephone number etc.