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FIEF's Roles and Services

International Exchange/Cross-cultural Understanding

International exchange

イラスト FIEF holds regular events at the Kokusai Hiroba to promote international exchange and understanding among citizens and give them a more global perspective.In odd months the international staff from FIEF introduce foreign cultures and interact with participants while enjoying tea together at the Kokusai Hiroba Cafe. In even months staff from the UN-HABITAT Fukuoka Office give a lecture on their activities in the “Habitat Hiroba” event. Other events and exhibitions are held in cooperation with various NPOs and international exchange groups in the prefecture.

Event calendar

Examples of Kokusai Hiroba Events

Kokusai Hiroba Cafe

People getting to learn about the world in a relaxed cafe-like atmosphere.

“Habitat Hiroba”
ハビタットひろば写真 A rare opportunity to hear about the UN operations directly from a UN staff member.
UN-HABITAT Fukuoka Office
“Nigeria Day @ Kokusai Hiroba”
ナイジェリア・デー@こくさいひろば写真 Event held in collaboration with the Nigerian Union Kyushu introducing Nigeria. Participants could try on traditional ethnic dress and learn traditional arts and crafts.
Kazakhstan Exhibition
Photo exhibition event held in collaboration with the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Items on display include art and craft and ethnic dress.