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Exchange with Overseas Fukuoka Prefecture Citizens Association (Kenjinkai)

Exchange with Overseas Fukuoka Prefecture Citizens Association (Kenjinkai)

 Overseas migration from Fukuoka Prefecture began in 1885 to Hawaii, and then extended to North America, Central and South America etc. The migrants cooperated to make these countries a new home and formed the Overseas Fukuoka Prefecture Citizens Association (known as Kenjinkai). There are currently 20 branches established in 9 countries with membership consisting of migrants and descendants of migrants. The migrants found themselves in countries where not only the language was different, but climate and customs also made for a completely different environment. However, their diligence, sincerity and ambitious mind earned high praise. Especially in Brazil, they came to be known as Japones Garantido (Trustworthy Japanese), contributing greatly to the development of their new country. The migrants are currently active in a number of areas including politics, economy, education, culture and medicine, and have earned the respect and trust of their adopted countries.
 For many it has been generations since their ancestors first migrated, and the leadership of the Kenjinkai has been passed down. The main activities of the Kenjinkai are carried out by the 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation, and an increasing number are not familiar with Japanese language, tradition and culture. In order to continue the Kenjinkai activities, the Prefecture offers them a variety of support projects in order to strengthen the relationship and promote mutual exchange with Fukuoka.
 In recent years, the interactions with people from overseas have become more frequent, and the overseas expansion of Japanese enterprises has increased, there are even cases where the expatriates from Fukuoka prefecture were mobilized to form a local Kenjinkai. The increasing presence of the Overseas Fukuoka Kenjinkai in Asia and Europe recently indicates that the individuals from our prefecture are highly active all around the world.
 With the development of the global society, Fukuoka Prefecture has been proactive in overseas exchange, and the Kenjinkai has been a valuable asset acting as a bridge between the Prefecture and their adopted countries.

Overseas Fukuoka Kenjinkai Pamphlet[PDF]

Fukuoka Kenjinkai by the descendants of migrates

Click on a city to see more details.

Country Name of Kenjinkai Year of Foundation Country Name of Kenjinkai Year of Foundation
Canada Vancouver Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1978 Mexico Mexico Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1952
Toronto Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1980 Colombia Colombia Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1978
Lethbridge Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1981 Peru Peru Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1959
U.S.A Seattle-Tacoma Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1907 Brazil Brasil Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1930
Southern California Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1908 Manaus Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1959
San Francisco Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1950 Belém Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1969
Hawaii Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1957 Tomé-Açu Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1975
Kona Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1967 Bolivia Zai-Bolivia Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1973
Hawaii Shima Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1967 Paraguay Paraguay Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1958
Kauai Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1985 Argentina Argentina Fukuoka Kenjinkai     1965

Number of Emigrants by Region[PDF]

Fukuoka Kenjinkai by the corporate representatives

Name of Kenjinkai Year of Foundation Name of Kenjinkai Year of Foundation
Seoul Hakata Kai 1980 India Fukuoka Kenjinkai 2010
Zai Shanghai Fukuoka Kenjinkai 1980 Association of People from Fukuoka Prefecture in Malaysia 2013
Dalian Fukuoka Kenjinkai 1998 Ho Chi Minh Fukuoka Kenjinkai 2007
Hongkong Fukuoka Kenjinkai 1977 Hanoi Fukuoka Kenjinkai (Battenkai) 2012
Beijing Fukuoka Kenjinkai 1990's Manila Fukuoka Kenjinkai 2002
Taiwan Fukuoka Kenjinkai (Baiyukai) 2002 Sydney Fukuoka Kenjinkai 1969
Thailand Fukuoka Kenjinkai 1992 UK Fukuoka Kenjinkai 1980
Indonesia Fukuoka Kenjinkai (TOBIUME KAI) 1999 Holland Fukuoka Kenjinkai
(FUKUOKA Ka Vereniging Netherland)
Singapore Fukuoka Kenjinkai 2007 France Fukuoka Kenjinkai
(Association Amicale de Fukuoka en France)

If an existing Fukuoka Kenjinkai is not listed above, we greatly appreciate if you could post the information to the contacts below.
 Planning and Exchange Section TEL 092-725-9204 
FAX 092-725-9205
Email exchange○kokusaihiroba.or.jp ※○Please switch ○to@.

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