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Nominal Support

Nominal Support

With the aim of promoting international exchange and cooperation activities in the prefecture, FIEF provides nominal support for events carried out by citizens and international exchange organizations.
Please read Nominal Support Application and Nominal Support Guidelines before inquiring.

Application Requirements

The following forms are required for application:
  • Nominal Support Application [WORD] [PDF]
  • Project Proposal
  • Documentation relating to your organization (Articles of Association, Constitution, Advisors, Board Members, Committee Member List etc.)
  • Written Budget for Income and Expenditure [WORD] [PDF]
  • A return self-addressed stamped envelope (\82 stamp)
  • Documentation relating to donations (For charity events)
  • Pamphlets on past events

Submission of Program Report

When the event is finished, please promptly submit a program report and reference materials.
  • Program Report [WORD] [PDF]
  • Reference materials *Poster, pamphlets etc.
Address Planning and Exchange Section (ACROS Fukuoka 8F)
TEL 092-725-9204
FAX 092-725-9205
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