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【Accepting Applications】2020 Support Program for Activities Promoting Regional Internationalization

We provide support for activities by private organizations based within the prefecture that aim to progress regional internationalization by promoting grass-roots level international exchange amongst citizens.

The guidelines for applications are listed below. For more details, please see Support Program for Activities Promoting Regional Internationalization guidelines.

Eligible Organizations

Organizations which meet all of the following criteria:

  • (1) Activities are based in Fukuoka Prefecture
  • (2) Not receiving regular assistance from national or local Public Organisations
  • (3) Non-Profit Organization
  • (4) Not related to political or religious activities
  • (5) Not a member of or closely related to criminal organisations

Eligible Projects(Projects conducted from the 1st April current year to 20th March the following year within the prefecture.)

  • (1) Exchange projects or support/consultation for foreign residents (including students)
  • (2) Projects aiming to develop international understanding amongst youth
  • (3) International understanding/exchange projects aiming to create a more multicultural society
  • (4) Other projects contributing to regional internationalization

Details of Support

  • (1) Provision of venue: the ‘Kokusai Hiroba’ open space or conference room, part of Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation
  • (2) Grants of up to half of the expenses for a project, to a maximum of 200,000 yen per project.
  • (3) PR assistance.

Application Period

Ongoing. However, as a general rule applications should be made at least 4 months prior to the commencement of the project.

* Applications will be closed if the total amount granted reaches the budget limit for the fiscal year.

Notes regarding applications

  • Applications must be submitted in person. Please contact the center about time and date before submitting.
  • Please read the Support Program for Activities Promoting Regional Internationalization guidelines carefully regarding applications.
  • Please feel free to contact the center if anything is unclear.
  • For information about the application process, please see Support Program for Activities Promoting Regional Internationalization process.

You can download the following from here
“Documents in Japanese Only”


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