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Holding Lectures/Events

Holding Lectures/Events

Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation (FIEF) co-hosts a range of international cultural events with NPOs and international associations from throughout Fukuoka Prefecture. These events, which are held at Kokusai Hiroba (Acros Fukuoka 3F), aim to promote interaction and cross-cultural understanding between residents of Fukuoka Prefecture and foreign nationals living in Japan. If you are interested in co-hosting an event, please read through " the application forms and then contact FIEF using the details outlined below.

How to Apply/Procedures leading up to the Co-hosting of Events

1. Submit Request to co-host an Event (unspecified format), Plan, Application to use Kokusai Hiroba and any other necessary documents
2. FIEF will then screen the content of the proposed event
3.3.Based on the results of screening, FIEF will contact the applicant if it is deemed possible to co-host the event.Following this, FIEF will hold consultations on such things as the content of the event, the allocation of roles (production of fliers, advertising, running the event on the day etc.) and event promotion
4. Day of the event
5. Submit Report


Please apply at least 3 months in advance of the day you wish to hold the event.


Address Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation Kokusai Hiroba (ACROS Fukuoka 3F)
TEL 092-725-9200
FAX 092-725-9206
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