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HOME Volunteer Registration (Homestay/Home Visit/Interpreter/Translator)



International Exchange Volunteer Program

 FIEF has established an International Exchange Volunteer Program with the aim of offering opportunities for Fukuoka citizens to put their special skills to good use in promoting international friendship and exchange activities.

Volunteer Registration

 There are 2 types of volunteers: Homestay/Home Visit Volunteers and Language Volunteers (Interpreter/Translator).
 The registration period year is from April to March the following year, and is renewed annually on confirmation that the volunteer wishes to continue. If a volunteer is registered during the year the registration will be valid until March the following year.
Registered volunteers will be issued with a registration card. Please check registration period and activity procedures.

Homestay/Home Visit Volunteer

 This program was established to deepen mutual understanding between foreign visitors to Fukuoka Prefecture and its local residents. No special hospitality is required. Just make the visitors feel like one of the family.

Homestay Volunteer

As a rule the homestays are up to a week in duration.

Home Visit Volunteer

As a rule Home Visits are for about 2-3 hours excluding mealtimes.

Those who would like to become a Host Family

 Anybody who meets the criteria can register: Must reside in Fukuoka Prefecture, have the consent of all family members, be over 20 years old and have a desire to be involved in volunteer activities. To register, fill in the Homestay/Home Visit Family Registration Form and submit it to FIEF at “Kokusai Hiroba”.

“Documents in Japanese Only”

Homestay/Home Visit Family Registration Form[PDF]

Volunteer guidelines [PDF]

Language Volunteer (Interpreter/Translator)

Language Volunteer (Interpreter/Translator)

 A person who is prepared to help out as an interpreter at various events and projects, as required. Involves simple interpreting and translating between Japanese and foreign languages. In addition, we also assist with interpreting and translation at evacuation shelters and victim counseling centers in the case of disaster.

To those who would like to be a Language Volunteer

 Anybody who meets the criteria can register: Interested in language volunteer activities, has language skills and is over 15 years of age. (For minors - must have graduated from junior high school and have parental consent.) Transportation costs during activities will be covered. To register, fill in the Language Volunteer Registration Form and submit it to FIEF at “Kokusai Hiroba”.

“Documents in Japanese Only”

Language Volunteer Registration Form

Volunteer guidelines [PDF]


 Activities are limited to international exchange events and are not an introduction to work.

 Registered volunteers will be covered by volunteer insurance provided by the Japan National Council of Social Welfare in case of any accident during activities (premiums covered by FIEF).


Address Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation “Kokusai Hiroba” (3F ACROS Fukuoka)
TEL 092-725-9200
FAX 092-725-9206
Inquiry Inquiry Form