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HOME Supporting Members (Recruitment, Benefits etc.)

Supporting Members (Recruitment, Benefits, etc.)

Supporting Members (Recruitment, Benefits etc.)

Supporting Membership

 The Foundation aims to promote international exchange, gaining the understanding and cooperation of as many people as possible. We welcome members who support our founding objectives.

Founding Objectives

 FIEF aims to strengthen Fukuoka Prefecture’s functions as a hub for international exchange by utilizing the region’s geographical proximity and unique historical background and by promoting resident-driven international exchange in cooperation with other locally based international exchange organizations. The other objective of FIEF is to contribute to world peace and mutual prosperity by sharing culture and increasing communication between Fukuoka, countries of Asia and the world.

Kokusai Hiroba


(Membership type / Fee / Benefits)

Type Fee Benefit
General Membership
2000 yen/year · Delivery of regular information magazine
· Free entrance to Kokusai Hiroba Cafe events
· Free photo shoot of certification photo (※ 1)
· Use of the exchange room inside the foundation (※2)
· Discounts at participating stores
Student Membership
1000 yen/year
Cafe Membership
500 yen/year · Email notifications to events at the foundation
· Free entrance to Kokusai Hiroba Cafe events(※ 3)
10,000 yen/ year · Delivery of regular information magazine
· Use of the exchange room inside the foundation (※2)
· Flyer shelving space inside the foundation (limited to study aboard information)

(※1) Photographed at the photograph corner inside the passport center. Once per membership period
(※2) Conferences, events and exchanges aimed at international exchange only. Usage is available to group members or individual members of five or more. (Student members are not eligible)
(※3) International exchange event centred around life and culture in foreign countries. Held in every odd month. Regular admission fee is 300 yen.

Membership registration procedure

Register your membership in one of the following ways.

(E-mail, fax, or mail)
① Please complete the necessary information on the application form and e-mail, fax or mail it to us.
② Please make the membership payment after receiving the transfer form in the mail from us.
③ Membership card will be mailed.
Application form(Individual) / Application form(Group ) / Supporting membership pamphlet
※In Japanese only.

(At the counter)
① Visit the Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation and complete the registration process over the counter.


Address Fukuoka International Exchange Foundation “Kokusai Hiroba” (ACROS Fukuoka 3F)
TEL 092-725-9200
FAX 092-725-9206
Inquiry Inquiry Form